Staring at the Son (Part 2)- Find Us Faithful Series


Today our Find Us Faithful Series takes us back to Saint Lucia where we hear the end of Sanjay’s testimony. You can find Part 1 here.  

“He was just talking to that guy over there on the wall, they are together…chop him too!! Cut him open!’’..

At that point the man ran towards me with the sword shouting and cussing at me. I stood still. Adrenaline starting to course through my veins as my training prepared my mind to defend and fight. Nevertheless I stood still and whispered under my breath ‘LORD PROTECT ME’. I chose to put my trust in a God that I had only really heard about but had never trusted to this degree. My mind began to formulate which style or technique I should use, but a deeper calm came over me. I explained to the man that I was just here waiting for a friend but he put the blade inches from my face and he raised it up over my head and despite all my training, I was still calm. I remember reading about God’s protection in times of despair in the book of Psalms. I whispered again ‘GOD PROTECT ME’. As the blade was about to descend upon my neck I looked up at the man and saw the fire in his eyes as the woman kept on shouting at the top of her lungs in the background. I looked him straight in the eye and I saw an overwhelming calm come over him. He relaxed his arm and took down the sword. He stared at me for a couple minutes and was speechless. The woman became silent. He then gently turned around and walked towards the car and drove off with the woman.

A short while later my friend arrived and I got into the car. I was forever changed. I had trusted and I was delivered. That incident was the beginning of me acknowledging every single time that Christ was there for me and I began then to let him lead. More and more I surrendered seeing that God’s word was true, real and living. There were many other instances that followed but they all served to solidify my faith in Christ as I saw the value of a relationship with our Lord. I therefore look forward to everyday to see what he is going to teach me. We as Christians forget to quickly the many times that Christ has delivered us and fall prey to distractions, doubt and fear. Brethren, let us not ‘fall prey’’ but ‘Fall and Pray’. Make it a habit to speak of God’s love through Christ for in doing so we remind ourselves and others of the God that we serve, His love, mercy and compassion. The more we seek Christ, the more we will find Christ. Many are afraid and unsure of the full effects of surrendering to Christ, but I say to you brethren be without fear, we were made for his Glory, by his power and majesty. He created us in his image because he wants that intimate connection with us. Sin has separated us from him and he is trying to remind us of the loving hands that created us generations ago before time was. I therefore encourage all who has gotten a glimpse of Christ working in their lives to take time to ‘Stare at the SON’ for in so doing…even when you close your eyes and darkness can still see him shining as the SON of Righteousness.


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Don’t look at the Rocks

Don’t look at the rocks and obstacles all around you.

Grow and thrive where you are and in what ever circumstance you find yourself in!


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Don’t be Hasty

On Thursday we did school out in the patio for a bit. After the children had finished it was time for sand play in the “sand box” we have out there too. The children had a blast playing while I was cleaning up.

They had been putting sand in the rain water I had caught to water our patio garden. We have beans, chives and a thyme planted, and we care for these as we learn about plants.

Well while I was cleaning up, I looked up in time to notice the chives floating in the bucket of muddy rain water. They had put mud and sand in the bucket and then someone had floated the chives in there too! I was so upset!

I looked at my son, whose hands were covered in mud and accusingly said “Why did you pull out the chives?” He looked at me, with all the evidence pointed directly at him and said “I did not pull out the chives.” I then asked ” How do you mean you did not pull out the chives. Then who did?”

He told me that his sister, whose hands were not as nasty as his, was the one who pulled out the chives. I looked at her and asked her if she pulled them out and she said NO. So then I asked her how the chives got in the bucket- her response:

“I bathing the chives!”

I told her what happens if we pull the plants out of the the soil and I apologized to our son.

Parenting Lesson learned:

- Take time to investigate.

- Everything is not always as it seems.

- Apologies sometimes will be more frequent from parent to child than from child to parent.

Our Patio Garden


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Staring at the SON


Today our Find Us Faithful Series takes us on a journey to Saint Lucia where Sanjay found Christ. Sanjay has fought long hard battles but through it all he is gaining a closer, deeper walk with the One who holds His life in His hand.

As a boy growing up, as with most boys growing up, I had many deleterious fascinations. One of which was staring at the Sun. I remember my Mom would tell me that I should never stare for too long because I would go blind.

Now I smile when I think about her having found Christ in her life, because now she constantly tells me to ‘look upon our Lord’ and to ‘never take my eyes off of him’ and that he is the ‘eye salve’ that heals the blinded.

Essentially, she was now encouraging me to keep ‘Staring at the SON’.

Like my Mom, I began to acknowledge my own journey in Christ. With every passing trial, I could either see Christ or the situation itself. The more I saw of Christ, the more I was able to know Him, trust Him and eventually come to love Him. There were times when I would just ‘try’ Him and ‘prove’ Him, claiming the promises that I had read in the bible to see if they were just stories (fact or well written, inspiring fiction).

As time went on, with every victory and triumph over sin, I began to respect and accept God’s leadership in my Life. I saw that there was nothing that He couldn’t or wouldn’t do for me, and I also noticed that…

{ even before I knew Him, He was always working in my life } bring me to that specific point.

I recall a time when I was Living in Saint Lucia, and before I really accepted Christ, I spent years learning and practicing the Martial Arts and I was at my highest level, having spent a great deal of time dedicated to mastering the art (techniques/forms/styles). Nevertheless I had heard about Christ and His ability to save.

One day I was waiting on a friend to pick me up so I decided to wait in the park where I found shade next to a great wall. After ten minutes I began to look up the street to see if the car was approaching and I saw a man with a piece of metal trying to break into someone’s car. Well that’s what it looked like at first glance but I wasn’t sure so I kept on looking at him and I saw him trying violently at the car door handle (I then thought that he had probably accidentally locked his keys in the car). Then I saw him looking left, then right and he continued to pry open the door. I was still a little unsure as to what exactly was happening so I looked up the street again to see if my friend was coming.

Two minutes after, a man and a woman come around the corner and saw the guy who was trying to unlock the car. The guy who was trying to break into the car, then saw them and ran straight towards me. It turns out that he was trying to steal the couple’s car and when he saw them coming he bolted in my direction. He then started speaking gibberish to me, a perfect stranger, pretending as if he was talking to me the entire time. The woman then shouted ‘’ He was just trying to steal our car…chop him up!! ‘’. So the guy leaves the woman’s side, rushes into the car and pulls out a sword. At the time the car thief sped away for his life. All the while I was just standing on the wall minding my own business.

The woman then shouted “He was just talking to that guy over there on the wall, they are together…chop him too!! Cut him open!’’.

Next week we’ll have the completion of this testimony.

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Never Forsaken

Welcome to

Sunday's Inspiration




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