(Taken from God’s Little Devotional Book for Women)

One night while Kao Er was attending a prayer meeting, his eight-year-old son and baby daughter were kidnapped. The kidnappers demanded 1,000 yuan in ransom. Mr. Er painted a large sign and posted it in front of his place of employment. It said, “I am not a wealthy man. I cannot pay 1,000 yuan ransom. I cannot pay 500 yuan ransom. I cannot even pay 50 yuan ransom. But I believe in God. He is able to bring my children back without ransom.”

The sign brought a great deal of ridicule from those who saw it. No sane man could expect a kidnapped child to ne returned alive without ransom! Weeks passed. Finally, soldiers clashed with bandits in the Chinese countryside, and the bandits were routed. In hot pursuit of the bandits, some soldiers heard a sound coming form a ditch beside the road. They found a skeleton-like child lying there, abandoned by the bandits. It was Mr. Er’s son!

After a second battle between the bandits and soldiers, the wife of the bandit chief was captured. She was nursing two babies- one of whom was Mr. Er’s daughter. Both children were returned home safely. God had done the impossible-returned kidnapped children without ransom.

God’s answers to prayer are not dependent on our ability to pray, but on His ability to answer.


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