Lightning Bolt

Oh boy!! Where do I begin?

First the dark cloud comes and then you say to yourself “OK sunshine is following next.” Then those dark clouds turn to pouring rain, then you say to yourself “The clouds will break and the sunshine will return again.”

But oh no! You are in are in for more!

Then thunder and lightning comes and this tremendous storm bursts upon you and you wonder what is going on? How are you going to survive this?

Then BAM!!!!

You’re hit- by a lightning bolt none the less.

Then you look up and say “This definitely has to be the end…of me.” But it is not, thank God it is not the end…thank God that nothing is hopeless.

We have all experienced this (and if not we most  likely will). And all of these things happen because of one problem—- sin.

Sin is painful, destructive.

But praise God He is love!! He doesn’t hurt, trick or kill.

He is trustworthy and our BURDEN BEARER.

What we face our most terrifying storm we can rest secure in GOd for He is our Rock and Strength and Shield.

He will keep us and we can keep trusting that He will always be with us in these storms.

And “even though [you] walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
[you can] fear no evil, for [GOD] is with [you] [His] rod and [His] staff, [can] comfort [you] Psalm 23:4 NASB.

When we face our lightning bolts we are to trust that God will keep us and be with us always.

CRY to God and He will hear and answer.

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