God’s Plan for Families (Raising Children for God)

“God setteth the solitary in families” (Psalm 68:6).

God Himself established the family relations. His word is the only
safe guide in the management of children. Human philosophy has not
discovered more than God knows or devised a wiser plan of dealing
with children than that given by our Lord.

Too many parents let slip from their shoulders the responsibility
of family government. It requires earnest heart-work to repress evil
tendencies, strengthen weak principles, develop good and lovely
traits of character, and direct all the powers of mind and body in the
right channel. Fathers and mothers, will you not lay hold of your
work with energy, perseverance, and love? Sow the precious seed
daily, with earnest prayer that God will water it with the dews of
grace, and grant you an abundant harvest. The Son of God died to
redeem a sinful, rebellious race. Shall we shrink from any toil or sacrifice
to save our own dear children?

By precept and example, let the young be taught reverence for
God and for His word. Many of our youth are becoming infidels at
heart, because of the lack of devotion in their parents. The law of God
should be the law of the household. Let fathers and mothers kindly
and patiently instruct their children, both from the inspired word
and from the book of nature, leading them to understand the character
of God. Let them show in their own lives that they are continually
seeking to know and to do His will. To secure the approval of their
heavenly Father is the great motive to be ever kept before the minds
of children. The service of God should be presented, not as an irksome
task, but as a precious privilege, by which they may enjoy an
honored, useful, and happy life here, and infinitely greater honor,
usefulness, and joy in the life hereafter.

God has permitted light from His throne to shine all along the
path of life. A pillar of cloud by day, a pillar of fire by night, is moving
before us as before ancient Israel. It is the privilege of Christian
parents today, as it was the privilege of God’s people of old, to bring
their children with them to the Promised Land. (AH page 294)

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