Sorry Bout Dat!!

So my son was riding his bicycle with his dad one evening recently and he and the bicycle fell over. So he looked at the bicycle while trying to get up and said “sorry bout dat bicycle”. It was really cute, and funny at the same time, lol.

But, despite it being funny there is a great lesson that can be learnt form this.

How often do we hurt others and fail to say sorry. I mean sometimes saying sorry is SO HARD!!

But when we hurt others we should say sorry~ we should BE sorry! That is what it means to have the love of God.

God does not hurt, He cannot because He is love and love cannot hurt (Romans 13:10). But we on the other hand are sinful and we do hurt others. But when we realize that we have caused someone pain we should not delay, but quickly say “sorry”.

And so what if when we appologize we are made fun of!

So what if when we appologize we are painted in a negative light!

So what if when we say sorry, the person does not forgive us!

We say it anyways!

And the more we feel sorry for hurting others and causing pain, the more we will feel sorry for all of our sins and the more we will sorrow for all the pain, suffering, destruction and death that sin has caused. 

When we are truly sorry for sin, we will ask God to come in and to cleanse us and to make us just like him-full of love to all men!

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One Response to Sorry Bout Dat!!

  1. beautiful illustatration praise God … that’s MY SON!

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