A Few Parenting Tips

These are just a few things that I have learnt as I seek to raise my family after God.

1. Let older siblings help with younger ones, no matter what age they are. I let my 2yr old son do things like bring diapers, wipes etc. He loves it!

2. Always let the older sibling know that the new baby loves them. I tell my son this all the time and when his sister smiles at him I tell him and show him. He absolutely adores her!

3. Teach children to help around the house.It takes a lot of extra time, and sometimes my son makes a mess, but I am trying to teach him responsibility, cleanliness etc. Also, to me it is also showing him that women are not the ones that have to always do everything in the house. Hopefully, when he gets older (I we are not in heaven before that) and he gets a wife he will be the type of husband that loves to help his wife around the home.

4. Don’t force, but give choices. At first I was really focused on getting him to obey. However after reading this I realized that even though he is 2 he can still be given choices and see consequences.

5. Follow child’s instructions. I am trying to teach my son to be a leader. When he tells me to do something that I can do like colour, I do it so that he gets in the habit of leading. If he demands me to do something, I correct how he spoke to me. I figure “How can I teach him to be a leader, if I don’t let him lead at home”.



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