God and the Pregnant Lady

So I couldn’t find a great title so I just put that one up lol.

Anyways, I was thinking yesterday about both my children and how they came into this world and I realized that both of these experiences have taught me SO much about who God is.

With my first pregnancy I had hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) and pthyalism (if I swallowed my saliva I threw up). Because of it I threw up EVERYDAY for 9 months, had severe reflux and had to sleep sitting up, and had bad back spasms. I will not go into to the gory details (believe me what I told you is a mild summary of HG), but it is sufficient to say it WAS EXTREMELY BAD!!!!

Well, with my second, I could not imagine that there could be any HG worse than what I went through~I was wrong. I felt 10 times worse with my second pregnancy than I did with my first. I also threw up the entire 9 months with this one….(omitting some more gory details here). But I had learnt some tricks to cope with HG, so some days were good while others were horrid.

But as I looked at my children, and thought about what I went through to bring them into this world, healthy and happy, I said “I would do it all again!

Yes that’s right! Despite what I went through, the love that I have for these children makes me so glad that I endured those pregnancies, and despite how ‘rough’ they were I would do it again.

But then it struck me. God went through way more than I have gone through to save me from sin. And not just me but everyone.

Can you imagine that He gave up everything for us?!

Can you imagine that despite knowing that many would not accept His Gift of Love, He still did it anyway and sent His son to die for EVERYONE!

He didn’t send Him to die for those who would accept Him only. Oh no!! He sent Him to die for all mankind, that whosoever will, may come and be saved.

Christ came to this world, he was rejected, derided, poor, falsely accused, tortured and killed on the cross and died the second death and you know what??!!!! HE WOULD DO IT ALL AGAIN.

As Cece Winans song says:

Don’t think for a moment
I never felt the pain
You can’t imagine
The hurt and the shame
They put the nails through my hands
Pierced my side, please understand
It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it

It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t easy
It wasn’t easy but it was worth it
It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t easy
It wasn’t easy but it was worth it

I didn’t have to do it
But I did it anyway
’cause I really love you
So much I took your place
I died for your sins
Yes I’m the one
Don’t take it lightly
What I’ve done

It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it

God loves us more than anything! He gave all for us and no matter how we treat Him, no matter that many people won’t choose Him, He would do it ALL AGAIN!!!

That is eternal love. That is who God is!!

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