Anti-Napping and a Lesson About God

So my son does not like to take naps. After having midday worship and we settle down to take our afternoon nap he starts bouncing on the bed. This is followed  by rolling around the bed several times, including rolling over my legs. Why am I in the bed with him? Some of you might be wondering. Well if I don’t stay in there he will play, run around, bounce on the bed some more, go in the closet and drawers and take out the clothes and will not sleep at all. So I stay in there and after an hour or so he does go to sleep.

Well today he was rolling around and he said “Daddy gone to work.” I said nothing. I was hoping to pretend to be asleep and my silence would help him to quiet down so he could prepare top go to sleep. Nope did not work!!!

“Daddy gone to work.” Second time he said it and I still did not respond. 3, 4, 5 times he said it and I said nothing. 6 times now and I said “Yes Daddy gone to work.” Now he was done!

That little exercise reminded me so much about God. He says to us “I love you”. We ignore.

He says it over and over and over. He doesn’t get tired of saying it and demonstrating it no matter how much we ignore Him.

But one day we all will respond like I had to do to my son. The difference is that we can either respond to Him out of love now, or we will respond at the end of time when every knee shall bow..and every tongue confess.. that God is just and true and right and love. That response is just one of acknowledging what is true but not having a relationship with God.

This is not the type of responding we want to do. We want to respond top God now and when He says to us “I love you” we respond and say “I know and I love you too.”

Thanks anit-napper for this lesson.

God I love you too!!!!

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