My Son the Chemist

Yesterday I made mashed potatoes and lentil stew for lunch and I had some drink on the table from his morning snack.

Well we were at lunch, I don’t say eating lunch because I was the only one eating. My son was busy mixing the food together on his plate. Then he made letters with the food and showed them to me.

At first thought, I was really tempted to get upset at his not eating and “wasting the food”. But I quickly realized, through the prompting of the Holy Spirit, that this was actually a good thing. He was exploring things, experimenting, discovering, all the while, applying what he already knew to make letters.

So I realized from this that had I stopped him I would have been stifling him.

How can I train him properly if I keep him “caged” up in these rules, if I keep stifling him, how can he develop into the well rounded person that God would have him to be?

As parents sometimes we limit our children, hold them back from being what God wants them to be because it does not fit into our scheme of things.

Anyhow. I had to get up from the table for a minute to go the the kitchen. I happened to look back in time to see him pouring the drink into my food. Ahhhhh!!!

I just smiled and praised God for the child he is developing into through these experiences. Then I poured the drink out and ate my food.

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