Dear Jesus, Bless Me as I Roll….

I have been blessed to have the privilege of staying home and raising my children. When I first thought to do this, I never understood how utterly important, hard, tiring, yet eternally rewarding it was going to be. There is so much I am learning about God through this experience, and about myself. I praise God for it.
I have been trying  to read when I have a little down time and I have found so many great quotes to encourage, inspire me and that I can learn from as I raise these children.
This is just one of the quotes that I have found to be very impacting to me. Especially taken in the light of having a sleep fighting, extremely funny two year old. Why just this week he was doing his usually at nap time- rolling on the bed, bouncing, singing, playing, rolling one me- and he then told me “I like to play”. Then at another instance in the week at nap time he was rolling around on the bed. He then decided it was time for him to pray and his prayer was “Dear Jesus, Bless me as I roll around on the bed. Amen”.
I smiled.
The rolling continued for about 30 minutes more…
Being a mother I am truly learning a LOT about myself.
Here’s the quote:
Start When the Mind Is Most Impressible.The work of education and training should commence with the babyhood of the child; for then the mind is the most impressible, and the lessons given are remembered.
Children should virtually be trained in a home school from the cradle to maturity. And, as in the case of any well-regulated school, the teachers themselves gain important knowledge; the mother especially, who is the principal teacher in the home, should there learn the most valuable lessons of her life. {CG 26.4}
White, Ellen Gould: Child Guidance. Review and Herald Publishing Association, 1954; 2002, S. 26
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