It’s Not on the LiSt!

While I was dealing with my medical issues I was directed to a wonderful GP by my children’s pediatrician. On one of my “visits” to her we got to talking and she told me that there are things that are important in life that we should focus on and then they are the other things that just clutter our minds and stop us from focusing on God. She has a LiSt of things that she considers important-God, Serving others, family, health. When things happen to her that could frustrate and annoy her, she checks herself by saying “It’s not on the LiSt”.

So now I do the same. I have made my LiSt of things that are important and when I am tempted to get annoyed because the house does not look exactly how I want it to, or someone says something about me that is not true, etc. I just say “It’s not on the LiSt”.

Since doing this I have gotten a better perspective of things. I don’t worry about those things that are not on my LiSt of important things (well I try not to).

Now I need to stop worrying about those on the LiSt too and just leave it up to God. He is definitely better at working out things than me- after all, He is God!

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