Tips on teaching small children

I have found many wonderful blogs, websites and books that have taught me so much about raising and teaching small children. So here are a few things that I have learnt that I want to share with you.

Ideas of things to do with small children:

– bursting bubble wrap
– scooping sand/old rice into containers
– pouring water into different size bottles and containers
– sorting objects into big, small, and different colours eg. tell them bring all the blue cars, of all the big toys.
– painting
– playing with plasticine (tell them different things to make like animals, drums, cars or just let them make things)
– playing hide and seek
– finding things that you have hidden (only 2 of 3 things at first and tell them where you have hidden them eg. find the blue car in our bedroom under the bed)
– screwing nuts and bolts and as they get better at doing it have them race.
-Count everything- start small count up to 2 for about three weeks then 4 then 5. Count food, cars, leaves, feet, toys, lights, people in the house etc.

Things I have learned when teaching small children
-No matter if they only get one thing you ask them to do right always clap, say very good, great job etc.
-Don’t use a lot of no’s.
-Always show them how to do something the right way first no matter if it is something simple. Then let them do it with your help. After a while they will learn how to do it by themselves.
-Do lots of singing
-Nature is the best teacher-teach them when they are outside and try to spend at least 30 minutes outside everyday- in the yard, going for a walk, at the beach
-give short clear simple instructions eg. go and pick up your car. After he obeys then tell him put it in the bedroom. Don’t tell him both at the same time. As he gets older and understands better you can give more than one instruction at a time.

OK that’s it for now but there is soo much more that I have learned.

God wants us to train our children for Him so that they can be all that they can be- not for us to take the credit and feel proud, but for His kingdom. Our challenge as parents is not how smart or how well mannered our children are, but whether or not we are training them for eternity!!

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