I WILL!!!!!!

I just finished re-watching Courageous . At the end the speech really inspired me to serve the Lord so that I can be an example to my family. Yes the speech and declaration was geared towards fathers showing them what they ought to do as fathers; but it truly impacted me.

I cannot continue to live for myself but I must live the life of a true child of God so that my children will see Jesus in me and come to know Him.

So like the man Adam said at the end of the picture as he was talking about the role he intended to play in his family- “I WILL“.

I WILL live for God!

I cannot do it in my strength. But by God’s grace I WILL be the christian mother that God intends me to be!

I WILL return these precious children God has entrusted to my care to Him. 

I WILL train them for eternity.

It is hard and will continue to get harder as these children grow older. But the eternal God who keeps this world hanging in space, who maintains this universe, He will accomplish it through me!!!

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