Last night was rough!! Our daughter caught the cold from her brother. Last night she could not breathe and was constantly waking up. We tried our natural decongestant and that really helped her to breathe.

But we were still up constantly last night. She had to sleep in my arms since this was the only position which seemed to allow her to breathe properly.

We made it through, but it was ROUGH!

But this showed me a great lesson. From this I am reminded of God’s sacrifice for us. We are all sick with sin and as rough as it is on us, our wonderful God is up with us through this LONG DARK NIGHT OF SIN, giving us the remedy for our sickness- Himself!

When we accept Him into our hearts we will be healed!

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One Response to Sick

  1. wholeheartedhome says:

    This is such a good analogy!! I hopped over from Our Simple Country Life linkup because I am right next to you. Enjoyed your post. Have a wonderful day!!

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