Never Stop Courting

I’m sure many of you can remember those courtship days….long walks in nature… going on romantic picnics… dinners…moon light walks…the poems and love notes you wrote…flowers for your birthday, or just because…thoughtful birthday presents and celebrations….those conversations that lasted for hours and you were never bored, but completely engrossed in that conversation…the quarrels that you quickly tried to rectify because you did not want to go to sleep angry….

Oh how fond those memories of courtship days are! But that was 2 or 3 or 10 years ago.

Well it does not have to be a memory that you find comfort in because you are now “an old married couple”. Oh no! Indeed not!

courtship should NEVER stop. When we get married it should make courting all the more wonderful. You don’t have to run off to get live together. You don’t have to hold back that fond touch because you don’t want it to be deemed as inappropriate or actually lead to being inappropriate…you CAN be “inappropriate” but guess what. It isn’t!

We put so much hours and work into getting to know the other person and seeking to understand and make them happy during that time but yet when we get married it stops.

Well it shouldn’t. It should get even better, we should put in even greater effort now that we are married.

So NEVER stop courting, but continue, get better at it, work until always….


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6 Responses to Never Stop Courting

  1. Great encouragement that if our relationship was worth nurturing during courtship it is worth so much more now, after we are married! Since we are seeking to express the beauty of the Godhead in our marriages, taking the time to continue to nurture our relationships is such great advice! Thanks. Coming over from The Alabaster Jar’s link-up.

    • This was such a blessing to my marriage when I first got married but somehow after time went by this stopped. Now that we have begun doing it again I can’t tell you how much of a blessing it is.
      We all need to remember this and to see that marriage is intended to show us the “true marriage”- in the Godhead and finally between Christ and His church

  2. Renee Brown says:

    Amen! We should grow our marriage just as we grow our early relationship with tender care.

    Thanks for linking up at Marriage Moment @ Great Peace Academy.

  3. EvieJo says:

    Thanks for following me at Climbing the Mountains and I want to say that I like your blog and the reminder that we must continue our courtship…it is so easy to take our spouses for granted and it should never be that way. Bless you!

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