Preschool Reading

When we first began, I focused on reading pictures, from left to right, top to bottom. Then we read an entire page of different pictures reading line by line going from left to right coming down until we reached the bottom.

Well for the last couple of weeks I have been teaching my son some words. Some specifically, like the number names 1 to 9, although he knows how to spell 10. I even saw him at the chart trying to learn 11 and 12! I also taught him the word “see” because I decided that he might be ready to read words.

Well I taught him some incidental words “go”, “stop”, “start”, “match” so that we could play games work match numbers to words, pictures, etc. daddy told him how to spell “big” and “number” because he likes to go on YouTube and play the Big Numbers Song. Well those touch too.

Yesterday he asked me how to spell “pig” and I emphasized the initial /p/ sound for him and he spelled it!

Well, I decided to him read this morning and it went great!

This is what he read.


Now that I know he is ready I am going to start in earnest.

I am so excited!

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6 Responses to Preschool Reading

  1. Sylvia says:

    You recently began following my blog, Living and Homeschooling With a New Normal We have moved to and changed our name to, Living and Learning with Our New Normal. I would be honored if you would follow us over there! Thank you!

  2. YAY! I’m feeling your excitement. Such an incredible feeling when your child ‘gets’ it and really starts to read d. Good for you!

  3. Best wishes on your future learning adventures!

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