Labours of Love

I read a blog about a woman who did/does little gestures to show God’s love to people on her birthday. She calls them Random Acts of Kindness. When I read it I immediately fell in love with the idea and wanted to implement it in my life and with my son and now daughter. I just did a search and actually found a foundation that does this here. So nice!

Not wanting to totally steal their idea, I have been sitting trying to think of what to call it. Then it hit me, any kind act is just an outworking of love within us. So I though about “Labours of Love”.

Today was our first Labour of Love. We made lunch for daddy- Pasta with a peanut and lentil sauce- and then we wrote a note for him and our son signed it and we drew hearts on it.

It was nice sneaking around this morning to get it all done and I am certain our son enjoyed it tremendously.

I hope Daddy enjoyed lunch today.

labours fo love


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8 Responses to Labours of Love

  1. How nice! Great idea, and I like the name too!

  2. This is a great idea! I even have some ideas posted for this on my pinterest. It is always so rewarding to show others kindness! 🙂

  3. tmichelle1 says:

    I was blessed to have my second child at a midwife practice called Labor of Love. It was a wonderful experience so I like the name.

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