Autism Weighted Vest

labours fo love

I started my “Labours of Love” with my family and I am really enjoying doing this.

My husband really is enjoying it!

My 3 year old son and I were talking about things we can do to bless others as a thank you to God for His continual blessings to us. He too is excited about it. This is really wonderful!

Last week at his party we told him to go around and give everyone that came to the party their loot bags and tell them “Thanks for coming”. Boy you should have seen how absolutely excited he was to give them out! He even came with the biggest smile and gave me a bag and told me “Thanks for coming”, lol.

So we really are committed to blessing others with our “Labours of Love”.

Well I sew and I have donated some NICU Smocks to the NICU at my local hospital. I plan on using my sewing skills also to donate things to others as well.

There is a new vest pattern created by a mother of a child who has autism. It is a “Weighted Vest” that she has designed to help others with autism. This is really great and I have the privilege of testing this pattern for her. I will be donating the finished vests to the Autism Support Group where I live.

When her pattern is ready for release I will post a link to this pattern so others can get it.

Here’s a sneak peak of this vest.

Weighted Vest

Creating this vest for her son and then sharing it with others is truly a “Labour of Love”

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2 Responses to Autism Weighted Vest

  1. How cute! Nice vest. Is that your son or your friends’? He is so cute!

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