Help Me See the Roses


“Our own attitude determines what we see in others.”

When we are negative, we tend to only see negative.

The first work we need to do in seeking to have a wonderful marriage is to ask God to change us into the persons He would have us to be. When we are married there are many negative things that are shown up about our spouse that we did not know before, and only by living with this person do we see these things.

BUT, there are many positive things that we can see too, but we have to ask God to give us the “eyesalve” so that we can see them.

If we are negative, we create a negative atmosphere around us and all who come into contact with us. We act negative, see negative, live negative.

But when we allow God to change us and change our focus and attitude to being positive, we will see the positive things that our spouse does. We will see things to love instead of the things that are not so lovable.

Then we will see a change in our relationships. 

But the change must first begin is US!

So stop looking at the thorns and look at the roses!

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