Oh How My Heart Sings!!

heart sings

This evening I gave my son some ice cream for his evening snack before he got supper. He was sitting at the computer so I took the ice cream to him there instead of letting him go to the table as usual.

He took it and said, “Thank you”, which isn’t uncommon now. I walked away to go to the bedroom but behind me I heard the sweetest thing that definitely made my heart sing…

He said….

“Dear Jesus, bless the ice cream as I eat. Amen.”

No prompting.

Oh this made me so happy. I said Amen to his prayer and told a very happy and proud daddy.

Thank You God for allowing me to be blessed this evening by my son.

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2 Responses to Oh How My Heart Sings!!

  1. Wonderful! And so sweet! It brings the greatest joy to see little ones do that without prompting!

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