Plugged In

My son is fascinated with charging things. When the battery runs down he runs to my husband or I and says “_____ needs charging!” So we get the charger and set up whatever device it is that needs charging.

Everyday, at least 5 times a day we are bombarded by him insisting that these things need charging. So then it hit me. We are like those devices and God’s word is our charger. If we do not plug into God’s word we cannot receive His power to accomplish anything.

I know that I have far too many times when I struggle with doing God’s will. But I have found that when I am plugged in- studying God’s word, praying- I have power to overcome my trials.

This doesn’t mean that it is not hard to do. It just means that I have the power to overcome in God.

Every morning I have time to do my devotion when I am putting my daughter down to for her morning nap.I read my devotion to her. Even though she does not understand I still read it to her and she seems to enjoy listening to me read it to her. Every mid-afternoon, I have committed myself to being plugged in to God through prayer. I spend this time praying for my family and myself.  These are two great blessings for me and I know only eternity will tell how wonderful these things have been for me.

I thank God for allowing me to daily plug into Him so that I can receive His strength and power to overcome. And for my son who taught me that I must always be plugged into God if I am to be fully charged spiritually.

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3 Responses to Plugged In

  1. rkrumpe94 says:

    Such a good reminder of the power of God’s word in our lives. Have a blessed day!

  2. Sarah says:

    How you crazy bless so many … thanks bunches for splashing around with us at momma notes. Lacing up for the race … hope you’ll join us in cheering other moms on.

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