Be Happy in EVERY Situation

This morning I was up since 4:10 am since a little person that I know decided to get up at that time and not go back to sleep. I am completely exhausted! I have been trying to reclaim my home after more almost 2 years of not being well enough to do things as I believe they should be done. I spent week most of the week cleaning like a machine and yesterday I was scrubbing floors, all the while taking care of the children.

I am beat!!

When I got up I was extremely frustrated, disheartened as I just envisioned a LONG day with lots of downs.

But, then Philippians 4: 11 came to my mind

…for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am in. (New American Standard Bible)

I thank God for bringing this text to my mind and changing the tide of negative feelings that were about to completely engulf me. Now I am content in The Lord despite being tired, over- worked, mentally worn…

And now I can thank God that I am able to be up at this ridiculous hour and start breakfast and lunch before 6am. And I remember that around this same time last year I was not in a good state health wise. I had complications from my c-section,a punctured bladder, a clot that had moved into the lower lobe of my left lung and a myriad of health problems that were plaguing me.

Oh I Praise God for my present circumstances!

Thank you God for making me CONTENT this morning!

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4 Responses to Be Happy in EVERY Situation

  1. cpdpcc says:

    It is so easy to get bogged down with the negative isn’t it? God calls us to be lights, but a lot of times we are dim bulbs at best. If we would all choose to follow the words of Paul and focus on God’s blessings in our lives rather than the curses that the enemy gives us we would be better at showing the world the light of Jesus. Thank you for sharing this candid point of being a Christian.

    • Oh yes it is indeed easy to get bogged down with all of the negative, especially when it seems like that is all that is coming your way.

      But, even though it is hard, we have to choose to accept God’s happiness and peace, which is not dependent on situations, but is eternal.

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