You Don’t Have to See a Change (A Family that Prays…Series)

family that prays

Last week I thought I had finished dealing with praying for ourselves, but I was wrong. I was thinking about something I had prayed about regarding my husband and I was soooo anxious to see a change.

And you know what?!! This is how I always am. I pray about something and I just can’t seem to wait for some sign that the prayer has been answered. So you know what I do? I take matters in my own hand and try to work things out.

So what have I concluded when I do this?- that I know better than God. Yes I know the conscious thought does not form in my mind, but my actions show that this is what I actually am thinking.

So now when I pray, I also have to pray that I leave it all up to God to work it out as He sees fit, in His own time and way. This is by no means saying that I sit back and throw my hands up in the air and say “Whatever God!” And do nothing! No! This simply means that I allow God to take charge of the situation, that I surrender control to Him and let Him work.

It’s a matter of letting go.

Don't Have to See a Change

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9 Responses to You Don’t Have to See a Change (A Family that Prays…Series)

  1. Jamie Bishop says:

    Surrender. That’s the key ( and HARD) word!!! 🙂 But that is the only way to really get through, isn’t it? Without being bogged down by anxiety.

  2. Jaimie says:

    YES. Pray, then leave the rest up to him! Thank you for this!!

  3. Simone says:

    To surrender is the hardest part, but so worth the wait… Visiting from Titus2Tuesdays.

  4. I published a post on this tricky tendency over at my place on Monday. I have the same trouble letting things go, but God has been teaching me ever so slowly (since I’m a slow learner), how to leave things surrendered at His feet. It’s hard to see it sometimes when I’m taking something back. It feels like He may even be giving me the opportunity to “do” something, but most of the time, I’m just too antsy and get in His way. 🙂 Thanks for encouraging me about this issue and for letting me know I’m not the only one who struggles in this way, my friend! Thanks also for linking this up at Wedded Wed. I’m not sure if this is your first time or not, but welcome!

    • Thanks for the welcome.
      Oh geese surrendering is tough stuff.everything you mentioned about what you do is exactly what I do. But you know what?! By God’s grace we will learn to surrender fully to Him.

  5. Ren says:

    Thank you for the great reminder! Thank you for linking up at Thrilling Thursday with your post!!

  6. This is a wise post and a good reminder to not take matters into my own hands. Thanks for linking up with WholeHearted Wednesdays last week.

  7. Kasey Norton says:

    Well, this one hit me square between the eyes. I am guilty of trying to “help” Him answer my prayers. The problem is, I try to make it all happen the way I envision in my mind. Thank you for this much need reminder and for linking it up with me at Walking Redeemed last week!

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