Are You Afraid of the Rain?

Before we lived in a bottom floor apartment. The rain would fall and the baby would sleep.

We recently moved to a top floor apartment. The first time the rain fell, it hit on the roof and as expected the sound was loud. It was no longer the muffled sound of falling rain, that you only realized was falling when the raindrops began to hit the windows. It was noticeable.

The baby noticed.

The first time the rain fell she woke up startled at this strange sound she had never heard before-rain hitting on the roof.

Now today the rain is falling and she is sleeping, no longer afraid of the falling rain. She’s gotten quite accustomed to this sound and now it does not bother her at all.

And so I take a lesson from this child and this situation.

God’s Spirit is like the rain. We have lived a long time on ground floor apartments. But God tells us to come up to a higher place.

We come.

But when we get there and His Spirit rains down on us, we get startled. We wonder, “What is this strange sound that I am hearing?” We get startled at this change, this new thing.

But, like this little baby who began to enjoy the falling rain, we too can enjoy the falling of God’s Spirit on us. We don’t have to be afraid any more. We can just relax and rest in Him knowing that we are safe.


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