Being a Stay at Home Mom

Last week I read a post about being a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM).

This post was encouraging all women to stay at home with their children.  But this is not everyone’s reality.

Before we got married, before we were even engaged for that matter, my husband (boyfriend) and me talked about children and my desire to stay at home (if I (we) should get any) until they were in school. He was in total agreement with this. Praise God!

Now many years later I am here blessed with the opportunity to be a SAHM.

But you know what? This was the desire we had for our family that we were able to fulfill, but this is not everyone’s reality.

I think we should consider that there are four groups of women when you look at this topic.

1. Some women want to be SAHM but can’t for what ever reason, be it financial, the fact that they are single parents, husband is on disability…some reason(s)

2. Some women don’t want to be SAHM moms, but are forced to be, either by their husbands, economic situations, medical complications of the child…something

3. Some women don’t want to be SAHM and so they don’t.

4. Some women what to be SAHM and do- like me.

We’ve made this choice for our family and I truly believe that we are blessed by this choice. But others will make other choices and God will still work out these things for good for all those who love Him.

Whatever circumstance it is, as long as a person submits to God and allows Him to work, then it will be for their best good.

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4 Responses to Being a Stay at Home Mom

  1. wisdom4wives says:

    I totally agree with you! We all have different situations, and I don’t believe that the Bible *forbids* women from working outside of the home. We all need to give grace and compassion, and trust that, as you said, God will work things out for the good of our sisters, whatever their circumstance. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Julie Harris says:

    I have been very blessed to have the best of both worlds! When the girls were young, I taught piano and voice lessons from home. Now that they are both in school, I am able to work part time and be home when they are home. You are right- we need to show each other grace and support one another. It is not easy being a momma- no matter if you work outside the home or not.

    • You are so right that it is not easy being a mom and we should lift up each other, whether they are at work outside the home full time, part-time, if the work from home or stay home.

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