2 small hands and a basket of laundry


I absolutely dislike folding laundry!

I would scrub floors, wash by hand or press first before I fold clothes. Seriously, this is my worst chore.

Well, I have been praying about patience, and not giving in to frustrations. And you know how God works, in the most unexpected ways that are tailored especially to your own needs…and He did exactly this with me.

“I did it at last!” I sighed a deep sigh of sheer relief as I completed folding the clothes. Then I took the basket of clothes- very neatly folded I might add- to the bedroom to place the clothes in the closet.

A tiny little person tagged along.

No problem.

As I stood there packing the clothes on the upper shelves, I did not notice a small someone at my legs doing her own chores, namely grabbing the clothes I had taken hours (yes hours) to neatly fold and throwing them into an empty basket nearby and on the floor.

When I realized I tried to get her to stop and she did, but then she turned her eyes to another task- pulling the clothes off the lower shelves and on to the floor.

“Dear Lord, give me your peace.” That was my prayer at that moment as I realized that not only would I now have to refold the clothes I had just folded, but I would also have to refold other clothes I had folded before.

Then it hit me; these 2 little hands were here teaching me a lesson in patience- a lesson that I had recently prayed that I would learn.

And so once again I am taught valuable lessons by my children.

Thank you God for these little hands and the other set that teaches me lessons as well.

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6 Responses to 2 small hands and a basket of laundry

  1. Julie Harris says:

    Beautiful! It is amazing to see how God uses our children to teach such important lessons!

  2. I don’t think God has ever taught me so much as since I have been a mum! This is a great story and something many of us can relate to. Patience is something I so need to grow in!

    Thanks for linking up at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions

  3. My pastor says never pray for patience but instead pray that you (me) will persevere in tribulations 🙂 It sounds like you passed the test for patience. Now, for the next level, right?

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