Parenting, not for time, but for ETERNITY

I have to constantly remind myself of this every day. I have two intelligent, but very height energy children, who push the boundaries all the time. I remember thinking that I “needed” to see an immediate change from my children when I spoke to them. I know this is great but, you see, my focus what’s on correcting the behavior and not molding character. 

I was beginning to become consumed in the outward and not focusing on the heart.

And you know mommy pressure:

– you know the pressure that you get as a mother when your children misbehave and you get “those” stares.

– Or like a situation I had recently while at church, I called my daughter to me and she did not come to me. Then I heard in this  cynical tone, “Bean (not her name) is not obeying”

– Worst still is if you are Stay at home mom (SAHM) You are expected to have the most well behaved children in the world. Now add being a Christian SAHM to the mix and your children are to be the most well-behaved in the universe.

– or the pressure you put on yourself to have those perfect children, perfectly ordered home,

Well, somehow we forgot that we are all sinful- children included.

And what does this mean? That our children will disobey, throw tantrums….and do a myriad of other wrong things. And as mothers, parents, we are not to condone their wrong behavior, but rather seek for a change in them. Not a change in their behavior but a change in their character. Behavioral changes last as long as circumstances are favorable. But, a change of heart is not affected by situations. 

When we realize that we are parenting to form a good character, we will realize that it takes a lot of effort, a lot of time and hard word, but in the end, we will be raising our children for eternity, and not simply raising them to behave well in public, but be terrible at heart.

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