Study Who Christ is (A Family that prays….series)

family that praysToday we continue our series on praying for families by again focusing on praying for husbands.

So many times I have sadly heard and witnessed men who profess to be christian treat their wives in a dictatorial manner. I’ve seen and unfortunately still see, so much hurting women because their husbands do not understand the role that they are called to fill.

Last week we looked at not grasping on to the power/ authority that comes with their role as husband and head of the family. At no point should a husband ever forget that his role is not about power, it is not about authority, it is not about his wife and children respecting him.


His role is about him REFLECTING CHRIST!

Husbands should always remember that they are sinful, mortal men who must be in subjection to Christ in order for them to do what is right. No husband will always be right and therefore cannot and should not expect that a wife follows him in ALL things as she would the Lord. Complete submission is to be ONLY given to GOD!!

Husbands should keep in mind that they are not Christ and can never be, and even though their role represents Christ, their position does not entitle them to have complete control over their wives and families, as should be given to God alone! Seeking this type of control is not seeking to be LIKE Christ, but it is seeking to have all the power of Christ. And we know where this comes from.

You see when husbands misunderstand their role as head, they misrepresent Christ, they cause their wives, children and even onlookers to resent the God who would consign women to live as “less thans” while their husbands could have all control.

And how do I know this? Because I was one of those people who got a misunderstanding of Christ because husbands who were to be representing Him were not.

When I was younger, I NEVER, EVER, wanted to get married because I would hear of, and see this misguided understanding of headship, which was nothing more than tyrannical behaviour cloaked in religious clothes. I hated this notion of headship of men. I resented it and to be honest, I felt very sorry for married women if this was what marriage was supposed to look like.

But this is not what true headship is all about. True headship is being like Christ!


Let every husband study who Christ is and follow His example so that they can be the true heads of their families.

And so, today, let us pray that husbands will look to Christ so that they will know what their role as head is. Let us pray for them, that they will be such men that they families would feel safe, confident in their love and headship, and not fear or resent them for misusing the high calling that is theirs in representing the role of Christ in the family.

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2 Responses to Study Who Christ is (A Family that prays….series)

  1. Julie Harris says:

    Thanks for sharing! You are right- it is so important for us to pray for our husbands!

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