That He Will Stand! ( A Family that Prays…Series)

family that prays

For several weeks I have been posting about praying for husbands to be in God’s will as they represent Christ in the families and to the world.

Today we are going to be focusing on something that godly husbands experience ….

Peer pressure.

Sometimes we think that peer pressure only affects youth; NOT SO!

Men face peer pressure, sometimes more than we realize as women.

Men who are gentle, kind, respectful to their wives, loving to their family and are not dictatorial tyrants (strong description, huh?) are looked down upon.

Once, a young man passed my husband and said, “You know you’re a soft man.”

That’s how men who choose to treat their families as Christ desires them to are pictured- as soft, weak men, who are shameful representations of what “real” men should be.

This is something that can hit men hard- VERY HARD.

And unfortunately some men break under this pressure, especially if that pressure comes from within the church. But godly men are to be the ones who are to stand up and stand out so that people would be able to see their example and follow it.

Happy Home

Then the world will see that true strength does not come by force, control, dictating…

True Strength

So today, let us uplift godly husbands before The Lord, that they might stand firm, strong and unswerving in their commitment to being like Christ in how they fulfill their role as head of their families.

Be Strong

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4 Responses to That He Will Stand! ( A Family that Prays…Series)

  1. Hi There! I am your neighbor at Wholehearted Wednesday.

    What a crazy, random thing for someone to say to your husband! How odd… I tell you, people feel they can just say anything these days. I love the way you put it all in perspective by saying that strength is love, God’s love. Beautiful.

    Nice to meet you today!

  2. When I read those words, “soft man” my immediate response was, “Oh, how wonderful!” It is a great thing in my view for a man to be seen as soft and “gentle” even though that might not have been the opinion of the one who said that to your hubby. I’m so glad that your husband is willing to be “soft” for you and “weak” for His God (our God) to shine through Him! And yes, I agree we need to remember how tender our husband’s hearts are by the words we use to characterize them. Great thoughts!

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