Remove Every Fault Dear God (A Family that Prays…Series)

family that prays

Today we will look into praying for the faults of husbands.

No one is perfect; that’s true. Yet the bible calls us to be perfect as Christ is.

I’m certain that when we look at the husbands in our lives, whether it be our own husbands or others we know, we can see the many faults that they have.

And those of us who are closets, like wives or children, feel the brunt of these faults.

– laziness


– stubbornness

– anger

– frustration

this list could go on and on. So many faults. So many shortcomings. So many…Yet we know that this behaviour is not what God would have for our husbands! for the husbands in our lives! for any husbands.

And so, what are we left to do? Complain? Highlight every bad thing they do so that they can change and make our lives better?


We should pray for them to give up all these things to God. Not for our benefit, but that they may be more and more like Christ.

So get out the pen and paper if needs be, write the name of the husband you would like to pray for, list all of the bad habits, negative traits, shortcomings he has and pray for him, that he gives them up to God.

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