Writing and wrap up of the the week

Today we finished schooling for the week with story writing.

Our week was filled with early morning beach trips, park in the evening, Thursday art with our homeschool neighbor, and story writing today.

This is what we did this week

Bible: God made my heart to love Him

Number work: grouping using craft sticks and rubber bands and identifying 10 and 11

Phonics and reading: ap family words

Letter of the week: letter x

Art: Colouring letter X pictures,

Joint Art Lesson: fruits of the spirit theme: making fruits

Health: The dangers of smelling unknown items.

Home management: proper table manners and making pumpkin pie smoothie

Science: Nose and recap heart. We did the heart in an earlier lesson when we talked about God preparing us for heaven.

Beach from this morning


Picture and story he wrote.

imageNotice he is bigger than everyone else. Maybe he is representing his BIG personality. Lol.

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One Response to Writing and wrap up of the the week

  1. Lisa says:

    Your writing lesson inspires me to do projects like this more often.

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