Our First Official Day of Addition

Today was our first official day of addition!

I started with subtraction because it is an easier concept to grasp. For Subtraction, the child has to draw one set of pictures, cross out and recount.

With addition, the child has to draw pictures for both numbers. Then they have to put them together and then count them together.

So today we did oral addition using worded problems and our fingers.

Here’s and example of one of our worded problems:

I went to the supermarket to buy some oranges. I put 4 in the bag ( hold  up 4 fingers on one hand and let child count to make sure it is correct.) Then Josh (child’s name) came and put 3 more in the bad (hold up 3 fingers on other hand). How many oranges did I buy altogether ( bring both sets of fingers together). Then have child count them.

All done for today. Now on to letting him see some addition problems

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