Kindergarten Addition Week 1

Today we continued with addition. The focus was on understanding that addition means to put the numbers together or count them all together.

I always like to write the number sentence for him since I introduced it back when I was doing subtraction. The focus however, was not the number sentence but putting the pictures together.

This is what we did.


I wrote the number sentence and had him read it while touching the numbers and signs.

“three plus one is equal to something”.

He had previously been exposed to the plus sign, but had he not, the first lesson would have involved me sticking up the sign, writing it on the chalkboard, and saying what it was and what it meant.

When he read the number sentence I again reinforced that adding means to put together.

Then he put the pictures over the numbers.


I then told him again that add means to put the numbers together. I instructed him to put the beads together in the box.


Finally he counted the beads in the box and wrote in the answer.


We ended with him re-reading the number sentence with the answer

“Three plus one is equal to four”

We did some more and he got those right! Yay for homeschooling!!

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