Teaching Reading Part 2

Teaching reading does not begin when the child gets 5 or older, when you teach them to read words. It begins way before this And takes several steps before the child can actually truly read ” The dog is on the mat”.

Here are the steps I used to teach my son to read.

Step 2: Reading Pictures

When my son was just one I spent a lot of time reading picture books to him and pointing out the pictures for him to call. We also spent a lot of time identifying and naming object around the home and just in general.

Here are some of the books we used a lot.

image image image image

I chose these books because they had real pictures and not cartoons.

After he was able to identify the objects and call some of the names, I started reading the pictures from left to right, in an effort to informally teach left to right progression.

Look out for step 3.

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