My Husband Want Me to do Something I Believe is Wrong…(A Family that Prays…Series)

family that prays

Three weeks ago we looked at praying for wives and about us wives choosing to follow God first. Now after engaging in some discussion about this topic with other women I realized that this topic is one that affects many women. So today we will continue with looking at praying for wives as we navigate this question:

“My husband wants me to do something that I believe is wrong. What should I do?”

First let me begin by saying that this post has nothing to do with deciding what type of car to buy or what to eat for dinner. This post is about doing something that goes against all that we believe to be true and right and against our conscience.

Now someone might say,“God has placed the husband as head over the family and the wife is to obey her husband in all things which includes doing something she might believe is wrong. Her duty is to obey her husband and God will judge the husband for causing her to do the wrong thing.”

Now even though God has indeed placed a husband as head of the family, he is not Christ who is the ultimate head of the family. A wife is always to remember that Christ is her Husband and He is the one we must obey first, not out of obligation, but out of love Isaiah 54:5.

Now theoretically this might seem good, but in a situation it is easier said than done.

But let’s look in the Bible for two examples of people who went against those who were set in authority over them because they were asked to do something that was wrong.

– Daniel refused to obey the King and pray to him but instead he chose to pray to God.

The three hebrew boys refused to bow down before the idol when the music was played.

Were not the kings set in authority over them and were they not required to obey? Yes, but not when it went against their relationship with God!

And in the end what did their obedience do for the kings? It showed them who the true God is and what it means to have true faith-one that obeys. Talk about a testimony!

These examples show us that as wives, when we choose to obey God first, even if it means that we are in disagreement with our husbands, we are doing a greater good for them by showing them more about God in our very act of obeying Him. I do believe this is the greatest way to love our husbands…BY POINTING THEM TO CHRIST THROUGH OUR OBEDIENCE TO CHRIST FIRST!

So today, let us pray for wives to obey God first and be a witness to our husbands of what it truly means to live for God!

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