A Help Meet for Him (A Family that Prays…Series)

family that prays

I always read the term “helpmeet” as though it was a term for a helper. But after doing some research I realized that they way his phrase is explained is not what it actually means.

The term help meet is translated from the phrase ezer kenegdo which means ‘an equal but opposite helper to him”.

God created women, not to be exactly like their husbands and lose their identity. He created them to compliment their husbands even though the are different- just like your right hand compliments your left hand. They are not the same, but together they compliment each other.

Now I have a little experiment for you. Get 6 dirty plates with something that needs to be scrubbed off, soap and a sponge. Get someone to help you wash these dishes. You use only your right hand while the other person only uses their left hand. How does it feel? How did it work out?

Even though the task can be accomplished it in no way feels as comfortable as as right as if you did it using both your hands.

So what does this all have to do with wives?

A wife is to be like a left hand to her husband, while he is the right hand. And not just any left hand I might add, but the left hand for that family, while he is the right hand for the family.

There is only one right hand and one left hand. Even though other left or right hands can be used to accomplish the task they are not the hands.

You see many of us wives look at other wives and want to be like them. We want our hair to be like that, to be a stay at home mom like this person, or a working mom like this one, to have quiet children like this mother….oh and does the list go on and on.

As wives we are to recognize that we are the only one that is suitable for our Marriage, our family. There is no other me that will be or can be this particular wife to my husband.

We have got to stop comparing ourselves to other wives and just be the wife God intended us to be. Sure there are things we can learn from other women! But we are not to try to morph into the other woman. We are to allow ourselves to develop into the person we should be and not try to be another woman.

So today let us pray that we accept our unique roles in OUR families and be OUR husband’s wife and not any other! This way we will truly be the help meet for our husbands.

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