Important Work of Parents

family that prays

This week we continue our series on praying for families by looking at praying for parents. If you have missed the series you can find all the posts we did so far here.,

Parents have a solemn responsibility to their children

that few realize the importance of.

I must admit that before I had children I never realized the important work of parents.

This importance is one that only eternity can tell.

You see most parent think that their work begins at their child’s birth and ends when they leave their home and strike out on their own. This is not so. Once a parent always a parent, no matter how old your child may get.

Many people think that being a parent is about providing for their children financially, about providing a good education for their children.

Whereas even though these things are true, they are not the most important part of being a parent. (As I continue with this topic I will look at what is the most important part of being a parent.)

Parents should recognize that all children are “Nathaniels”- Gifts of God.

children are a gift

When we realize that children are gifts we will see that we need to treasure them as such. They are special and have been given to us by God. They are not burdens or mistakes, but they are special gifts given to us in love.

Now I don’t know about you, but when someone gives me a special gift, I treasure it, I care for it…

And so with our children who are precious gifts to us, we are to treasure them and nurture them and care for them.

So today let us pray that parents see children are treasures not burdens, or mistakes. They have not been given to us for us to simply make a better life for them in this world or for us to ensure that they are a educated as possible. They are precious and we are to treat as such!

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