Goodbye 2013. Welcome 2014

In a few hours we will be saying goodbye to 2013 and beginning 2014.

As I look back on the year that has gone, there are so many things that I know that I could have done better. There are so many things that could have happened differently. There are so many….

But for me, the most important thing that stands out to me when I think back about 2013 is that…

I am blessed!

God has truly been good to me and my family this entire year (and every year) and I want to thank Him for it.

Sure this year was filled with loads of trials, loads of challenges in health and financially. But this year was also LOADED with blessings on my family.

2013 was a year in which I saw a tremendous improvement in my health as compared to me feeling like I was on the brink of death in 2012.

It was also a year where my husband and I spent loads of time together communicating better, getting to know each other more, learning to demonstrate love more

It was also a time when I learned about prioritizing better. Homeschooling with 2 children definitely without learning what your priorities are will make for one chaotic mess!

2013 was also a year when I was able to see God working out situations that seemed so overwhelming and even impossible. Oh and boy did I see Him work!

It was also a year that I was able to learn more about me. A lot of this came from dealing with my children who are high energy, intelligent, fun, and boy are they strong willed. I saw so much of me in them and learned so much about patience “it ain”t funny”!

And so, as I say goodbye to 2013, I say goodbye with a heart of thanksgiving to God who kept me, molded me, strengthened me and blessed me. And I patiently wait to experience 2014 with this awesome God who is ever loving, patient, forgiving, sweet, gentle…oh the list goes on and on and on with all the good qualities of God.


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