My Educational Philosophy

When people hear about education they usually think about school and all things intellectual.


For our family, education encompasses more than intellectual stuff.

It is all learning!

For us, having a well rounded education means having one that addresses the spiritual, mental/ intellectual, as well as physical.

So we don’t just focus on the 3 R’s (reading, writing and arithmetic). We focus on all of these plus life skills and things aimed at spiritual growth.

In homeschool, though the children are small, we do things like making cookies, arts and craft, music (soon we’ll be learning the piano and violin). At every opportunity we get outside and explore things around us.

The children get to touch things, see things work..move…in their natural environment…They get to hop on tractors and go to farms and see crops in the fields growing or being harvested…they play, sing and of course make loads of noise.

Every opportunity is a time to educate our and so we make use of these opportunities.

We haven’t bought a curriculum, but I made our own which is full of field trips, experiments, manipulatives, things to do, music, art and crafts…

And most importantly, our children are being taught about God through what ever we are studying.

Right now we are doing a year of plants with my son. I have compiled a list of bible stories and bible verses with plants (with suggestions from those on a mommy community I am part of).

For my daughter we are doing the creation week and then she’ll join in with her brother and finish up the year of plants theme.

We’ll repeat these themes at a later date when the children are older and we can get more I depth.

And so this is our philosophy about education, and we are enjoying educating our children not only for “time, but for eternity”!

Look at some of the things we’ve done on our homeschooling journey in January 2014.


One of our many trips to the beach


A pond with lovely fish


Can anyone say waterfall?


Painting in the bathroom while I mopped and then cleaned the bathroom


A random rooster that I can’t even remember where we were when we saw it.

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