Teaching Reading Part 1

A while back I posted Teaching Reading Part 1 about the first step I took in teaching my son to read.

Let me just say though, that in that post I failed to mention that before we started any picture books, from the time baby was home, I would read to him. I would read my devotions to him, the bible to him, stories to him, anything i wanted to read, was read to him…even though he was too little, even to keep his eyes opened.


A devotion from one of the books that I read to my son.

“Reading to a child is vitally important to being able to read and should be considered the first step in teaching a child to read.”

Reading to my child just was so much a part of our life that I did not think it was necessary to mention at first.

I was wrong.

And so, with this said, I went back and edited the title to the post and now it says Teaching Reading Part 2.

Now for the real part 1.

Step 1- Read to Your Child

– Set a time or multiple times each day to read to your child.

When moms are on maternity leave, this is a great opportunity for you to read to your baby. Dad of course can join in and read to baby when he is at home as well.

– Read and explain.

Read a paragraph or two and explain what you read, making sure to explain what words that your don’t normally use, mean.

– Make eye contact with the child while reading to him.

When you read to your child, even thought they don’t do anything, you have to engage them in the act of reading. Look at them and touch them and smile with them while you read to them.

As your baby grows bigger, he or she will begin to love books and actually enjoy getting on mummy’s or daddy’s lap to listen to another book, as you also spend that time bonding together.

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