Praying Through the tears.


Today has been a particularly difficult day for me. I am exhausted, feeling sick as usual (a bit more sick today), my daughter is up and crying for me to hold her. I am so frustrated at how things are going. I have been up since 4:30 am and only laid down for only 30 minutes today and that was because I need to do this to get my son to sleep. So it has not been me taking a rest at all.

My husband is at work and will be home late this evening due to an evening meeting. Oh Lord, not today! Let him come home early today!

I am here struggling with the thoughts of self pity- Why do I have the worst sleepers? Why have I been sick for the last 2 years 8 months with no end in sight? Why do I not get any rest?

I am sitting here, with tears in my eyes and more so in my heart…

But I am praying.

I am praying through my tears…my tears of frustration, of feeling overwhelmed, of the physical pain from being sick…I am praying through it all.

And I know I will be heard because God loves me!

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4 Responses to Praying Through the tears.

  1. Julie Harris says:

    I am praying for you. I have been there…girls that didn’t nap or sleep through the night for several years…praying for rest and healing for you! Praying that His loving arms will wrap around you today!

  2. tamigilford says:

    As I read your blog post and realized the unimaginable about of tension you must’ve been feeling at that precise moment, I also came to the realization that you are truly a STRONG woman! I have 3 adult sons, but goodness do I remember those days of no sleep…sick for years (I have epilepsy & fibromyalgia which makes me feel pain and sickness every single day, too) I can remember crying and begging God to let my children sleep so that I could also sleep. I remember crying to feel a little calmness and peace in my own mind. So, I DO relate on many levels…and I’ve prayed for you that God will give you rest and PEACE…calmness in your heart even when there is chaos in your life!
    Hope the rest of your week has been easier!
    Bless you sister;
    Tami Gilford
    Writing for Peace 2014

    • Thank you Tami for your prayers. Can’t get too much of those ;). And just knowing that there is someone who understands and relates to what I am going through and has come out “on the other side” is very encouraging.
      Blessing to you

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