God’s Goodness this week

I dropped off the internet this week as I was feeling sick.

Sunday was supposed to be a special pre-birthday outing for the children. Instead it was cut short because I was feeling very ill. I am just thankful we actually made it out at all since I was sick from early in the morning.

Well, Sunday night I ended up having to go to an emergency care facility since I was in so much pain and nothing was working. Luckily there was no mention of a hospital visit.

Monday, I was again in severe pain and this time I ended up spending about 6 hours at the doctor with him trying to figure out what was going on. He mentioned that I would likely have to go to the hospital, which was not what we wanted to hear at all.

Well, there was lots of prayers! And then finally the doc came in ad said I could go home but let him know if things go worse.

I didn’t have to call him with bad news but rather to update that things had improved a lot.

Praise God for keeping me and my family through this ordeal! So now I am much better thanks to God’s goodness to me and now my “blogging break” is over!

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4 Responses to God’s Goodness this week

  1. Glad you’re better!!

  2. Julie Harris says:

    Praying for continued healing.

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