So my daughter is a talker. It seems like her favorite thing to do is ask me how I am doing, and I in turn ask her the same question.

Here is one of our recent conversations

Baby Girl: Mommy, how you doing? You fine?

Me: Yes Baby Girl. I am fine. And how are you doing?

Baby Girl: (with the biggest smile and with all the enthusiasm and expression in the world) I AM GRAPE!

So there you have it.

When you are feeling better than ever; when you are filled with excitement, energy and you are exceedingly happy and someone happens to ask you how you are doing, don’t tell them you are great, tell them you are GRAPE! – you have arrived at the next level of happiness!

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2 Responses to Grape!

  1. Julie Harris says:

    That is so sweet! Hope you are having a grape day 🙂

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