Accepting the Different Types of Mothers (A Family that prays…Series)

family that prays

Today we continue with our series by discussing an area that causes a lot of conflict among women.

“To Work or not to Work!” This is the question. Indeed not only is this a question mothers need to answer themselves, but it is one that leads to a lot of judgement from others, especially other mothers.

Some mothers go out and work.

Some mothers work from within the home.

Some mothers stay at home.

But irregardless of what type of mother you are, the most important thing is that you are the mother God wants you to be to your child.

It doesn’t matter what you do in terms of work, but it matters what you do as a mother.

So whether you are a stay at home mother, a work outside the home mother, a work from home mother you are to live for God, accepting the type of mother that you are.

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