Mothers have Authority Too! (A Family that Prays…Series)

family that prays

Today we continue with praying for families by looking at the subject “Mothers have Authority Too.”

Earlier in this series we looked at fathers showing their children that their mothers should be respected by respecting them and their authority. Today we are looking at the mother’s authority from the stand point of a mother.

A lot of women are fortunate enough to spend comparatively more time with their children than the fathers do. Many times, they find themselves on the front lines dealing with fights, squabbles, and plain ole disobedience.

Mothers need to manage the household, especially when it is just them alone.

Some mothers have relinquished their authority with their children by this phrase:

“When your father comes home….”

Parental authority is not only vested in Fathers. Mothers have this authority too.

Mothers must claim the authority that is theirs. Mothers must discipline their children (correct, instruct and guide their children in the right way) and not throw away their authority by passing off discipline to fathers.

And so today, we pray that mothers accept their parental authority and train their children for God.

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