Not Ruled by Emotions (A Family That Prays….Series)

family that prays

Last week was a silent week as I was dealing with a big struggle with my emotions. Kinda interesting how that happened since this week’s post is about not being ruled by emotions. My emotions have been tied to my situation with my health, and as mothers in general, there are many things that affect our emotions- everyday life, sickness, hormones. And let’s face it, even without the “big things” happening in our lives, as women we are still emotional.

Some days the children might be particularly disobedient, and you just want to scream out of sheer frustration (happened to me just yesterday) but parenting still must be done.

I had not realized it until my husband pointed it out, but when I am frustrated, in an effort to be “calm” and not react harshly, I under-react and do not discipline appropriately.


Sometimes, the others extreme comes where I am just wound so tight and so emotionally stressed that the slightest thing the children do wrong meets with stern discipline.

I want to share what my husband told me,

“Don’t let your emotions rule you. When the children need to be disciplined don’t do it because of how you feel. If they need to be punished, punish them, but don’t do it because you are frustrated or annoyed. Do it because you love them and because you are training them for God.”

And I agree with him.

So mothers, don’t let our emotions rule us.

And so today as we pray for mothers, let us pray us pray that we parent from principle and not from feelings, no matter how strong those feelings are.

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