There he was, walking toward her. She couldn’t believe it. The man who singlehandedly devastated her life. There was the doctor who was responsible for injuring her, walking in her direction.

Her heart began to pound. Her face contorted with hatred. He spoke and said “Hi.” To which she replied likewise. After all, this was the house of God and wasn’t a good Christian supposed to speak?

This was me 3 weeks ago.  I have been dealing with forgiving the doctor who was responsible for injuring me during surgery 2 years ago. Even though I know mistakes happen, I still struggled with forgiveness.

As things got better, I stopped having those feelings I did before, so I though I had forgiven him. Then 3 weeks ago, when I saw him and all those feelings flooded to the surface, I knew I hadn’t forgiven him.

I have been praying about finding forgiveness in my heart for him.

I mentioned it on a mommy community I am a member of and someone led me to two videos here and here. These touched my heart. I am learning what true forgiveness is. I am learning Who God is.

If God can forgive me, who has caused Him so much pain, how can I not forgive this doctor who injured me?

I’ve been writing about God’s character for 3 years now, and now all that I have said…all that I have learned…I am now called to live.

I don’t only want to talk of God’s character, I long to have it!


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