Mother’s Intuition?? (A Family that Prays….Series)

family that prays

I had heard about “Mother’s Intuition” before I became a mother and I never really understood what it was. Honestly, since becoming a mother, I can’t say that I understand it. There are just certain things that you almost “sense” is the right thing to do but, you just can’t fully explain it.

Well, the world might simply call it “Mother’s Intuition” but I call it God’s Spirit”. Sometimes as a mother, it seems as if there is an unmissable voice, though not audible, that tells you not to do something. Sometimes we pass it off as nothing, only to realize that we should have listened. Other times we listen and then realize that we made the best decision.

I remember one if those times when my son was just 7 weeks old. I suspected he had a UTI and led his doctor and we ended up going to the hospital that day. While we were in the hospital I noticed that my son was not responding as usual and he had a fever which, oddly enough, seemed to be localized to his abdomen. The nurses and a young doctor dismisses me as simply an over-reacting first time mother. But I followed my “intuition” and it turned out that my son was not dong well and ended up being admitted to the ICU or 3 days. (You can read a more detailed version here).

I listened to God’s Spirit and because of it my son was safe.

And so, as I leave off here today, let us remember to follow God’s Spirit as it prompts us to follow a certain course. Even tough you can’t explain it to someone, doesn’t mean you are to ignore it. And I’m not saying that we are to live by feelings, but rather, when there is this urging voice telling us to go in a certain direction, we should pray about it, and then follow the direction we believe God wants us to go in, in spite of being dismissed by others, like I was.

Mother’s Prayer: Lord, teach me to hear Your voice and to obey the promptings of Your Holy Spirit always.

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