Daddy loves Me so Much…

My son is 4, strong-willed, but on the more passive side of things.When he disobeys, he doesn’t make a scene, he just quietly sets his mind to disobey.

We have been really been working on communicating to him what disobedience means and how it makes us and God feel.

A few days ago, while I was laying with him at nap time he said,

“Daddy loves me too much to watch me do the wrong thing.”

I smiled and told him, “Yes. Daddy and mommy wants to see you safe and happy, so we discipline you when you do the wrong thing.

Yesterday and this morning, he said,

“Jesus loves us too much to watch us do the wrong thing.”

He said something so profound for his age. Jesus does love us so much, that He doesn’t just sit by and watch us perish in sin. he sends us warnings, reproofs, corrections…all the time.

I thank God that He loves me too much to watch me lost without Him doing anything to save me from destruction.

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2 Responses to Daddy loves Me so Much…

  1. Julie Harris says:

    What a beautiful way for your son to express Jesus’ love for us! Yes- that is profound… especially from a 4 year old 🙂 Blessings to you!

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