Strong to Lead…(A Family that Prays…Series)

family that praysToday we continue our series on praying for families by continuing the topic of praying for children.

I remember something my mother always said to me:

“I want you to be a leader and not a follower”

Growing up, it would annoy me at times when she said it. Maybe it was because of when she said it?? It usually came after I had been to church and not been inside during most of the evening service. Every time she said it, I was annoyed.

But it did not take away from what she was telling me.

“I want you to be a leader and not a follower.”

What my mother was saying then, that I did not realize as a teen, was really this:

– I want you to have a strong character where you are not swayed by peer pressure

– I want you to exercise your power of choice

– I don’t want you to be blown about by any wind of doctrine

– I want you to be strong enough to take a stand

– I want you to stand, even if you stand alone.

And so today, as we continue to pray for children, let us pray that they are leaders. Let us pray that they are strong enough to be leaders even if that means they stand alone.

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